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Rebuilding Your Life

True stories of overcoming sicknesses

Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in life. It's up to us as individuals to Move Forward. In this collection, "Rebuilding Your Life Going Forward," eleven writers come together to share their stories, fiction and non-fiction. This anthology will inspire you to Move Forward.

This compilation of stories from various authors tells of their struggles and journey of sicknesses...detailing how they were able to rebuild their life after their diagnosis.

LaQueisha Malone pens the story of her diagnosis with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). From finding out, the denial, the acceptance, and the plan to move forward.

What People Are Saying...

Leslie Ford

"...I could feel every emotion..."

L. Smith

"...I was drawn into this story...In my own way I could relate to her (Jalissa's) grief."

Jonathan Daniel

"I really enjoyed ‘Snatched’ and look forward to reading from the other authors. Great work, and I loved the twist at the end!"


You will love this book, if you love...​

  • Reading true stories of sickness and triumph

  • Short stories that capture your attention, and hit your sweet spot for a quick read.

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