WHAT IF... | LaQueisha Malone

Sometimes I think WHAT IF...


What if Jesus never wept?

What if Paul was never on the road to Damascus?

What if Samson never married Delilah?

What if Jesus had come down off that cross?

What if David never slayed Goliath?

What if Noah never built that ark?

What if Moses never saw that burning bush?

What if Pharaoh never let God’s people go?

What if Timothy never wrote those letters to the church?

What if they never march around the walls of Jericho?

What if Ezekiel never saw the wheel?

What if Jesus never sent the comforter?


Why worry about the WHAT IF’s of life? Try to concentrate of the necessary steps you need to take today that can get you right where God needs you to be.

We all have a mission and a purpose. Everyone and everything that comes in your path is used to ELEVATE you or STRENGTHEN you for what’s to come.

There’s a reason for every situation. There’s a testimony with every break through. There’s a trial before every blessing.

It’s scary...it’s tough...but just like all these people I mentioned above, they had to go through it. It was the only way God could manifest himself to us all. Be a vessel.

Do you have a WHAT IF moment in your life that you thank God for bringing you through?

Share with me so we can bless each and keep each other encouraged. Times are hard.

Be blessed🥰.




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