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Welcome new followers. It's LaQueisha here!

And for the umpteenth time I'm moving my website. I have decided to return back to Wix after using Shopify for about two years. More about that later.

This new version of my site is will be geared towards me as an author and my journey into writing my books. In the past, I would try to mix my writing journey with me trying to coach and help authors and it just became to hectic. I've decided just to keep everything related to just my author journey and separate the coaching side of myself.


  • I will post anything that's going on with my writing journey.

  • I will be as transparent as I can throughout this journey.

  • I will host contest, giveaways, and live events pertaining to my journey.

  • I will show you guys my progress on books and updates and I try to get them written.

  • I will showcase my favorite books, authors, and movies to show who and what inspires me.


I am an author from Arkansas. I've been writing since the third grade. I started writing short stories and then transitioned into poetry. Later, I began writing stories again after I published my first to poetry books.

I have one daughter and a loving family that is supportive. I've worked at a Habilitation Center for children for about 15 years. That's me in a nutshell.


I am a lover of the Wix platform. It is the most effective site to use when needing something simple yet professional. For years, my website was hosted here. In 2021, I made the switch to Shopify because at that time there were things I wanted to do that I felt was not feasible at Wix. I liked the setup of Shopify for it's ecommerce platform. As of late, I have decided to switch up how I am going to move forward in my author journey. The things I am choosing to get rid of are the things that made me choose Shopify in first place.

I wanted to be able to mail books out and have a smooth flow and transition in that process. I enjoyed the emailing process of Shopify as well as a lot of the app features they provided.


If you would like to connect with me, try some of the social media platforms below:

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