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🎶"You don't know my story. All the things that I've been through. You can't feel my pain. What I had to go through to get here. You'll never understand my praise. Don't try to figure it out. Because my worship is for real. I've been through too much not to worship Him."🎶

This song rings deep in my soul. So many times we go through things and we feel ignored. We feel as though no one wants to hear our troubles. We are human and we need companionship. Whether that's in a parent, sibling, friend, or partner, we need the counterpart to survive.

When you take away someone's voice, the silence becomes deadly.

I encourage you...reach out to someone you normally don't talk to and just check on them...see how they're really doing.

Ask God, "Where can I be of service. It's been all about me for so long. Now I'm ready to pour into your people whatever life lessons you have for me to share."

It's too much hurt in the world for us to remain selfish. Giving just a piece of yourself to someone else can in turn fill a void you may not know exist.

Be Blessed.


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