Ready To Commit | LaQueisha Malone

You have to be ready/willing to submit/commit to someone.

One person can’t submit/commit while the other continues to play the field.

One can’t play the field and expect the other to submit/commit.

You see, no matter how you rearrange the sentence it still makes sense. State your true intentions. Don’t take away someone’s choice to be with you.

When you lie to someone and or dishonest you have taken away that person’s choice to stay or leave. You’re telling them they can’t handle the truth and neither can you; therefore, you’ll lie and be dishonest cause that will make them stay. You don’t want someone else to have them YET you’re not ready to do what it takes to take care of their feelings.

An open and honest person gives you choices so your decisions are made with a sound mind.

Some people can tell the truth, but there’s no depth or feelings. It’s malice. The hardest thing for most people to do is tell the truth with sincerity.

Take ownership of your mistake and responsibility for the outcome. It’s the only way we will grow. 🥰






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