Ram In The Bush | LaQueisha Malone

Genesis 22:1-14

Let me tell you something about the “ram in the bush”. There are times God will command us to to do things that seem out of the ordinary...past our own understanding as to why you must do this thing.

God led Abraham to the land of Moriah to offer his son Isaac as a burnt offering. Did Abraham want to do this thing? “No”. It pained him to know that his son, who he’s waiting for so long to have, must now be sacrificed. He hurt. He cried. Yet he remained faithful to his task from God.

God had to test Abraham to see just how much he loved Him. Just how much faith he had in Him.

Abraham prepared the offering with wood exactly as it needed to be. He laid his son there and positioned himself to do what thus said the Lord.

But how many of you know that IF YOU ARE WILLING TO HEAR FROM HEAVEN even in the midst of your grief. In the midst of your pain. In the midst of what the situation looks like. In the midst if what the circumstances call for.

If you HAVE AN EAR TO HEAR FROM HEAVEN, and because of your faithfulness ,he will provide you with the “ RAM IN THE BUSH”. Just think if Abraham hadn’t listened to that angel’s voice crying out to stop what he was doing. Abraham would have missed his true blessing.

We must be like Abraham. Trust God with every aspect of our lives...even when it don’t seem fit to mans standard. Just know that God won’t led you astray but will always provide you with the RAM IN THE BUSH. You must be willing to hear from heaven.

Just like Abraham, we must be prepared to do what God has ask us to do.

Hear heaven my friends. Let God lead you. Don’t lead God.

Pray, Fast, Study to show thyself approved.

Be blessed

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