Emotional Wreck | LaQueisha Malone

Things aren’t always as they appear. Take into consideration your own emotions and feelings NOT just for the situation, but also for your own internal intellect.

I strive often to control my emotions, because I know what it’s like to lose them, and someone else have power of them.

The Bible says “be quick to hear, slow to speak, & slow to anger” this in itself can be tough. It take constant work and effort.

I was once a person so in control with my emotions didn’t nothing bother me🧐🤨

But I wasn’t dealing with my emotions so when the trial and the fire came I exploded. I hated who I had become and yearned to be who I once was. I didn’t recognize myself.

What I know now is that I can’t bury my emotions, but face them and try understand “Why do I feel this way?” without blaming anyone else. I try to look inside and get to the root of my emotions before giving and emotional response. I believe in intentionality. So be intentional with the people you care about❣️ 💖💝











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