Publish Your Book In 5 Easy Steps

How to Self-Publish Your Book In 5 Easy Steps

Are you thinking of becoming an author and don’t know where to get started?

Have you gone from publisher to publisher and it’s just not working out?

Then you’ve come to the right place to learn how to Self-Publish.

Self-Publishing your book can seem scary to most aspiring authors, because of the tedious amount of time spent being a self-published author. It’s a Full-Time job. As a Self-Published author you are in control of every aspect of your publishing career. You are not signed to any contract and you don’t split any royalties. You are your own boss.

You are in control of the Production, Promoting, Marketing, Distribution, and Sales of your book. You may hire your own contractors, but for the most part…you are in control.

So the first thing to know before you begin to self-publish is to have a manuscript ready for publishing. That’s right. If you don’t have a manuscript, you don’t have anything to publish. If you’ve completed your rough draft to your manuscript, the next thing to do is have it professionally edited. DON’T SKIP THIS STEP! It is very important to have your manuscript edited. I recommend getting your manuscript edited for the following: Developmental Editing, Copy-Line Editing, and Proofreading.

While your manuscript is going through the editing process you can begin to work on your Description/Synopsis or your book, Copyright Page, Dedication Page (optional), and About the Author Page (optional).

If these steps have been complete, now it is time to begin the publishing process. Follow these 5 easy steps to getting published. There are several Self-Publishing Companies. Here are two I recommend CreateSpace and IngramSpark. Create an account with one of these printing companies.

The following information below is for CreateSpace account holders.


Formatting – Once the manuscript has been edited, revised, and proofread, get your manuscript formatted, which will be considered the interior. You must decide what size you want your interior formatted to. The standard book trim sizes are 5x8, 6x9, or 5.5x8.5. Once you have chosen the size that best fits you, your next step is convert your file into a PDF in the size you have chosen. You can download CreateSpace interior design template in your books format. I also provide formatting services for a very affordable price, if you would like to take advantage of my Interior Formatting Design Contact Me.


Book Cover Design – The second step is to get a book cover for your new book. You can use CreateSpace’s free cover creator on their website if you are using their services. You will need a Frontmatter (front cover), Backmatter (back cover), and Spine. This cover should be created for the same size as your manuscript interior that we discussed above. You can hire your own designer or use CreateSpace’s cover creator. If you chose to do your cover yourself, be sure to read all the specifications for designing a book cover, because you must know where to leave a space for the barcode and the exact measurements for the spine. You can download CreateSpace templates for designing your own cover and enter in your exact page count. On the backmatter of your book cover should include your synopsis/description of your book. It can also include an Author Photo and a mini bio of yourself.


Enter Book Details – Now that you have a cover and book interior ready for upload. You next step is to log in to you CreateSpace or IngramSpark account and enter you books Metadata, which is you Book Details. You will need the book title, subtitle, series number (if a part of a series), the exact page count, ISBN, book trim size, author name(s), contributors such as editors/cover designers/illustrators/etc, description/synopsis, author bio, book price, and whether or not you want to use Expanded Distribution (sell books to major retailers such as Barnes & Nobles). When choosing your ISBN from CreateSpace you can use their free ISBN or you can buy your own personal ISBN from Bowker.

Once you have completed the Book Details, your next step is to upload your Interior PDF file and your Book Cover PDF file. If everything is done correctly click submit. After about 24 hours you will receive confirmation to Order A Proof. DON’T SKIP THIS STEP! Order your proof. Once you have received your proof go over it with a fine tooth comb. From there, if there are no mistakes you’ll Approve Proof.


Publish Your Book LIVE! – It’s time. You have gotten your proof copy in the mail. You have read it, assessed, and made any necessary corrections. When approving your proof on CreateSpace you can click on the button that says Upload My Book to Kindle KDP. Finally, click the Approve Proof, and your book is Live for the world to see on Kindle and Paperback.


Promote Your Book – Now that your book is LIVE don’t forget to promote. You can use social media, contest, giveaways, and more to spread the word about your new book. Use printed material, flyers, bookmarks, and more. Be creative and have fun.

I have provided quite a bit of information, and I hope I was helpful. If there is anything you feel I missed or are needing more clarification please use the comment section below to leave your comment, and I will respond. Thank you for your time.

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About the Author:

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR, LAQUEISHA MALONE was born and raised in Arkansas, where she currently resides with her family. She has worked as a Psychiatric Aide at a children’s Habilitation Center for 9 years, and is currently the Education Administrative Assistant at the same Habilitation Center.

Writing has always been a part of her life. She began writing fiction stories and poetry about the age of 13. It was her way of coping with everyday situations. She accredits Dr. Maya Angelou for her love of writing poetry.

Her poetry has been entered into numerous contests, and many of them were published in book and CD compilations through The International Library of Poetry. She also won many awards for these publications.

She taught Creative Writing at The Lighthouse of Wisdom for three years, and has released three books A New Pair of Shoes Step In Mine, Cell of the Mind, and A Walk In My Shoes. She has a featured short story in they Love, Marriage, & Divorce Anthology released 2016, and Sex, Lies, & Church Anthology. She has been featured several times online from Blogs, Radio, and Magazines such as Sledge Rock City, NuSouth Magazine, KnowUrEnemy BlogTalkTadio, The1Essence Radio, One West Radio, SiRR Magazine, the Larry Love Show, the Author's Corner with H. D. Campbell, the BluePrint with Treasure Blue, Strawberry-Lit Magazine, and Urban Grapevine Magazine.

In 2013, LaQueisha Malone launched her own publishing company Strawberry Publications. She wants to offer Authors a ripened experience of publishing. In 2015, LaQueisha Malone was Awarded 2015 Poet of the Year at the AAMBC Literary Awards in Atlanta, GA.

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