How To Build A Professional Press Kit

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

How To Build A Professional Press Kit?

A Press Kit is a wealth of information promoting and showcasing your upcoming book release. This is what you would use to get the media’s attention for your book. It may include, but is not limited to the following: Cover/Query Letter, Press Release, Sell Sheet, Media Kit, A Physical Copy of your book, and an item that is relevant to your topic.

Most times this kit is printed up and included in personalized portfolios. With every book that you publish it’s best to create a kit to go along with it. You should always advance yourself and your networking reach. When you do this you will have to showcase your new work to new people. It is wise to make a list of all the people you plan to contact for promotional purposes and early book reviews months before your book has released for publication. If you watch these reviewers social media pages you’ll see them promoting authors Advance Reader Review Copies (ARC) that they have received for review. Usually, they’ll note that the book hasn’t released, and the date of the release is generally 3 or 4 months out.

If you are wondering what or how each of these items in a Press Kit should look keep reading for ideas.

Cover/Query Letter (300 words)

The first you will need in your kit is a Cover Letter. A cover letter is the same as a Query Letter. The letter explains who you are, what your book is about, and why your book is unique compared to its competition. COMPETITION? That’s right competition. It’s not the normal competition you may be thinking of. This competition is just a fancy why of saying, “I have books similar to yours already. What does your book add that the previous books do not have?”

So as you see, you’re not writing to down grade anyone work, but to show them why your book is just as good or more informative. When writing this letter include as much information about yourself and your work that will grab their attention. This letter is the first they are going to read to determine what to do next.

Press Release

The next thing in your kit that should stand out is your Press Release. It should be no more than one page. It can be front and back, but stick to one page. You will send this release out to all media informing them of your upcoming release.

This release should include a photo of your book cover, a brief synopsis, your books product description (Title, Author Name, Publisher, Logo, Retail Price, paperback or hardback, page count, ISBN, genre, and expectant release date), authors bio, and list a few book reviews.

An important thing to remember is that your synopsis from the back of the book should not be used as the brief synopsis. A brief synopsis for your Press Release is more of a write up about what the book is about in reference to topics. Basically, you are writing what you would say to someone when asked, “What is your book about?” When this question is asked you’re not reading the synopsis of the book you are explaining to them what the book is generally about. Therefore, when writing your press release or getting someone else to do it, ask the question, “What is my book about?”

Sell Sheet

A sell sheet is pretty much explanatory. It’s just like a flyer. You can use it as a Flyer or Poster. You are creating a sheet that will sell your book. This sheet is used for bookstores and libraries. It is a one page promotional tool that includes the author’s name, author photo, book cover, logo, brief synopsis, author bio, no more than 1 partial review, and social media handlers.

The idea is to customize a sell sheet to fit you and your brand, so when bookstores, libraries, reviewers, or whoever you send it to will know what to expect without any further information at that time.

Print Copy of the Book

A print copy of your book should be included so that the person of interest will be able to leave their review when done. This copy of your book can be ARC or Final Published copy of the book. Most reviewers want the EXCLUSIVE and that’s where an ARC would be handy.

To get ARC copies of your book you would have to use a Short Run Print Company such as Alibaba or McNaughton & Gunn.

I hope I was helpful. If there is anything you feel I missed or are needing more clarification please use the comment section below to leave your comment, and I will respond. Thank you for your time.

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