Editorial Reviews & Where To Find Them

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Have you ever thought about Editorial Reviewers?

They are free, yet can take up to 3 months to receive. Once a review has been made, if you receive 4 or 5 Stars they generally promote your book and their review on all their social media platforms. They upload them on various retail platforms, excluding Amazon.

These reviews can be used for promo before a book release and/or used on the book cover, promotional material, or press release of the book being reviewed.


When seeking book reviews from these reviewers, I strongly suggest you showcase your best work. Books with errors of any kind will hurt your submission and maybe even future submissions. “If you want to run with the best of them you have to train like the best of them.” There is no way around this fact.

A well-written manuscript, which has been properly edited, and has a catchy book cover with a well-written synopsis will work better than a rushed project. Take your time on your writing (write, re-write, rough draft multiple times, revise), then find an editor who edits your genre (not all editors can edit every genre), follow your editors guidelines and suggestions, and then find a proofreader or a BETA reader to proofread your final draft. If everything is as envisioned now it’s time to think about Book Reviews.

Why think about book reviews now, you may ask.

Well, that’s what you will use for promotion & marketing. This is also good for early promotion from people other than yourself.

Some reviewers require the EXCLUSIVE, which means they want a copy of the book before it is published. Before the public eyes are set on it. Their stipulation usually says, “3 or 4 months before publication date”. This is actually a good idea. There are many Short Run Print Companies who can print as few as 25 copies of your book in one run. I would suggest you have a sticker or strip on the front cover of your book letting them know "This Copy Is Not For Sale" or "Advanced Reader Review Copy Only".

Be sure to become familiar with each reviewers Submission & Guidelines. Not following these guidelines could stop you from getting a review on time. Most review teams generally want a Press Kit to accompany the book being reviewed. They need to know what's special or unique about this book verses other books they've read. Never state in your Press Kit that you are a Self-Published Author. That will be an immediate turn off.

Below I have included some Press Kit information to use when preparing for book review submissions. You may not use all of them, but be sure to use what the reviewer request.


Creating a Press Kit for your book is no easy task, but it's worth it. There are several things you must have before this kit looks as professional as possible. For now you can check out the list below. Then check my blog How To Build A Professional Press Kit?

Your press kit should include the following:

* Cover Letter/Query Letter (300 words)

* Press Release

* Sell Sheet

* Print Copy of the Book

Having these items in hand shows professionalism and your dedication to your project. REMEMBER: You are trying to appeal to an audience that works with Authors on a much bigger scale than you are now. These reviewers review thousands of books a year. Take your time and have fun with your project. Do not be in a hurry.

Below I have a list some paid reviewers as well as free reviewers. Do your homework on them and find out what their Submission Guidelines are.


  1. BookLife

  2. Reader’s Favorite

  3. BookList Online

  4. Library Journal

  5. African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC)

  6. Foreword Magazine

  7. MidWest Book Review

  8. New York Times

  9. USA Today

  10. Publisher's Weekly

  11. San Francisco Book Review


  1. Indie Reader

  2. Kirkus

  3. Clarion Review

  4. Book Review Buzz


Strawberry-Lit Magazine

Read It Forward

OOSA Book Club

Literary Divas Book club

New Horizon Book Club

Sophisticated Souls Book Club

Divine Sisters Book Club

Fade to Black Book Club

Urban Fire Literary Group

Just Loving Life Book Club

For Readers Only Book Club

Girl Fridayz Book Club

Covers Book Club

Second Chance Book Club

Queen Readers Book Club

I have provided quite a bit of information, and I hope I was helpful. If there is anything you feel I missed or are needing more clarification please use the comment section below to leave your comment, and I will respond. Thank you for your time.

About the Author:

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR, LAQUEISHA MALONE was born and raised in Arkansas, where she currently resides with her family. She has worked as a Psychiatric Aide at a children’s Habilitation Center for 9 years, and is currently the Education Administrative Assistant at the same Habilitation Center.

Writing has always been a part of her life. She began writing fiction stories and poetry about the age of 13. It was her way of coping with everyday situations. She accredits Dr. Maya Angelou for her love of writing poetry.

Her poetry has been entered into numerous contests, and many of them were published in book and CD compilations through The International Library of Poetry. She also won many awards for these publications.

She taught Creative Writing at The Lighthouse of Wisdom for three years, and has released three books A New Pair of Shoes Step In Mine, Cell of the Mind, and A Walk In My Shoes. She has a featured short story in they Love, Marriage, & Divorce Anthology released 2016, and Sex, Lies, & Church Anthology. She has been featured several times online from Blogs, Radio, and Magazines such as Sledge Rock City, NuSouth Magazine, KnowUrEnemy BlogTalkTadio, The1Essence Radio, One West Radio, SiRR Magazine, the Larry Love Show, the Author's Corner with H. D. Campbell, the BluePrint with Treasure Blue, and Urban Grapevine Magazine.

In 2013, LaQueisha Malone launched her own publishing company Strawberry Publications. She wants to offer Authors a ripened experience of publishing. In 2015, LaQueisha Malone was Awarded 2015 Poet of the Year at the AAMBC Literary Awards in Atlanta, GA.

She is currently promoting Cell of the Mind and A Walk In My Shoes while working on her next book.

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