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LaQueisha Malone Media Kit


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LaQueisha Malone


Expanded Bio:


Multi-Award-Winning Author, LaQueisha Malone was born and raised in Arkansas, where she currently resides with her family. She has worked as a Psychiatric Aide at a children’s Habilitation Center for 9 years and worked as the Education Administrative Assistant at the same Habilitation Center for another 5 years.


Writing has always been a part of her life. She began writing fiction stories and poetry about the age of 13. It was her way of coping with everyday situations. She accredits Dr. Maya Angelou for her love of writing poetry. Her poetry has been entered into numerous contests, and many of them were published in book and CD compilations through The International Library of Poetry. She also won many awards for these publications. Even though, LaQueisha Malone, got her start as a published author writing poetry, as of recent years she has been writing books and short stories in the genre Young Adult Fiction and Adult Fiction.


Even though, LaQueisha Malone, got her start as a published author writing poetry, as of recent years she has been writing books and short stories in the genre Young Adult Fiction and Adult Fiction. These stories are near and dear to her heart because they are Real-Life Issue related genres based on lessons she has learned and is learning.


She taught Creative Writing at The Lighthouse of Wisdom for three years and has released three books A New Pair of Shoes Step In Mine, Cell of the Mind, and A Walk In My Shoes.  She has a featured short story in the Love, Marriage, & Divorce Anthology (2016), Sex, Lies, & Church Anthology (2017), Rebuilding Your Life Going Forward (2018), A Mother's Day Nightmare (2020). 


She has been featured several times online from Blogs, Radio, and Magazines such as Sledge Rock City, NuSouth Magazine, KnowUrEnemy BlogTalkTadio, The1Essence Radio, One West Radio, SiRR Magazine, the Larry Love Show, the Author's Corner with H. D. Campbell, the BluePrint with Treasure Blue, Strawberry-Lit Magazine, and Urban Grapevine Magazine.


In 2013, LaQueisha Malone launched her own publishing company Strawberry Publications, LLC. She wants to offer Authors a ripened experience of publishing. In 2015, LaQueisha Malone was Awarded 2015 Poet of the Year at the AAMBC Literary Awards in Atlanta, GA. She launched Strawberry-Lit Magazine in 2016. In 2018, she was awarded the 2018 Helping Hands Awards from Book&Music with MizAuthorT at The Literary Affair in South Carolina.

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In the Media:

The Artist Show with host Ulysses Salett, August 29, 2020,  The Artist Show with LaQueisha Malone

Complex Angel & DC: Self Love Is My Rehab, April 26, 2020,  Body Shaming with LaQueisha Malone

Edward Anthony: Creatively Creative, October 26, 2017, Creatively Creative with Author LaQueisha Malone

Adrienne Thompson Writes, July 12, 2017, #WriterWednesday with Author LaQueisha Malone

The Larry Love Show with Larry Love, September 13, 2016, Radio Interview: LaQueisha Malone

Polite on Society, July 28, 2015, Author Profile: LaQueisha Malone

I Am Superwoman Radio with Tina Hobson, May 30, 2015, Radio Interview: LaQueisha Malone

Turning Up The Gospel with Lady T, May 29, 2015, Radio Interview: LaQueisha Malone

Real Talk All The Time Radio, February 25, 2015, Radio Interview: LaQueisha Malone

The BluePrint with Treasure Blue, February 22, 2015, Radio Interview: LaQueisha Malone

The Larry Love Show with Larry Love, February 12, 2015, Radio Interview: LaQueisha Malone

Author's Corner with H.D. Campbell, February 6, 2015, Radio Interview: LaQueisha Malone

OneWest Radio, December 1, 2014, Radio Interview: LaQueisha Malone


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Newest Release:

A Mother's Day Nightmare 2 (2022)


Upcoming Release:

Secrets Amongst Friends, TBA



2018 Book&Music with MizAuthorT, A Literary Affair, Helping Hands Award

2015 AAMBC Literary Award, Poet of the Year


Editorial Reviews:


"It was refreshing to read a story that delved deep into the hearts and minds of so many diverse characters. LaQueisha Malone pens a powerful story of faith, trust, and distrust, friendship, love, and—most importantly—life-changing secrets. This is one story that’ll have you thinking about your own innermost secrets, as well as the secrets of those around you."

~Jordan Belcher, author of Hush Love and Status

"I knew when I cracked this cover and read the first few paragraphs I was going to be treading a familiar ground or territory...This author delivery of the story was gripping and real, but I know she could have given us a lot more. I felt like I was cheated. I craved more! I gave this novel 4 stars."

~Reviewed by MizAuthorT (Bookworm Reviewer for The Urban Release Magazine)

"..a nice beautiful topic...people don't write like this anymore. I love it..."

~Reviewer Patrick Washington


"The book was really good, well-written, and something that's not usually talked about. It was an eye-opener on reality..."

~Reviewer T. Porter


"I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed [Secrets Amongst Friends]. The story flowed and kept me engaged throughout. I found the characters charming...with real depth and substance."

~Reviewer Dimpra Kaleem, author of Yesterday's Dreams

LaQueisha Malone
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