I offer three different types of consultations. Writing, Publishing, & Marketing. I want to start where you are in you author career and help you move through the stage with ease. These consultations are for one hour at a time. Please fill out the form below. I will get back with you with a date and time. You will have 72 hours to secure you appointment with a payment.

I understand that I may not be able to help everyone, therefore, I will review your form completion and decided if/how I can best service you.

Cancellations: You must cancel you appointment 24-hours in advance for a refund. Appointment that are not cancelled within 24-hours will not be subject to a refund. You can move your appointment once, but you must provide a 24-hour notice.


Writing - This consultation is for authors who are still in their writing stage and are looking for help and guidance with their story, whether it's how to start, how to transition, how to be more descriptive, or how to bring the story together.

We will discuss important resources that can help you (the author) finish your book.


Complete the form if this is for you.


Publishing - This consultation is for authors who have written their book and are looking to publish. IF YOU HAVE NOT WRITTEN YOUR BOOK THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I highly recommend that your book is at it's finished stage as this consultation can be overwhelming to some people.


We will discuss there various types of publishing, your needs and wants from your writing career, and the best avenues that fit your budget and comfortability.


Complete the form if this is for you.


Marketing  - This consultation is for authors who have written their book, set up their publishing accounts, and need a little more assistant in marketing and promoting. This consultation is also for authors who have published their book and are needed help marketing and promoting as well.

We will discuss marketing plans catered to your genre and audience as well as resources that can help guide you in creating valuable content.

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I am a Multi-Award Winning Author with over 7 published books. I have helped several authors and publishing companies with their marketing and publishing needs. I have 12 years experience as a published author and I love sharing everything I've learn with others.

I want to teach everything that I have learned with you, so that you can be equipped with the tools and resources to be successful.

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