Cell Of The Mind


LaQueisha Malone is back with another compilation of poetry that relates to love, happiness, relationship issues, and different emotions that will leave you captivated. Sometimes these emotions can be overwhelming, and hold you hostage. Not all emotional captivity is unpleasant. Some emotions can be virtuous such as, love, happiness, joy, and peace.

In Part One, Held Captive, her poetry reflects the different types of emotions causing a person to become depressed, sadden, hurt, or even betrayed. In Part Two, Been Set Free, she lets you in on how she became free. No longer trapped by other peoples’ expectations, she begins to find her own way of doing things, and learns to trust in God. 

Her poetry shows her fears, as she expresses her understanding that love has no limits. The many situations she has gone through has only made her a stronger person to recognize appreciate, and respect true love, because no one is perfect. We are all a little rough around the edges. Some situations may take days, months, even years to face, but until you do you will remain in the prison… Cell of the Mind!

Journey through with poems such as Appointed by the Press, Unexpected Pain, Confusion, Does It Really Matter What I Want, Baby Please Say I Do, Never Judge a Book by Its Cover, I Dream of Genie, and more.



"I'm impressed. Haven't finished it but i would support this. Waiting for more. Good poetry motivates me to read more."

~Brett Flenorl

"I loved this compilation of shorts from LaQueisha Malone. Her poems are personal, yet addictive, causing you to linger onto every word and thought, that proceeds from the creative mind of this talented young author. "Cell of the Mind" will both captivate you, and educate you, while enjoying this marvelous read!"

~Amazon Customer

"Ms Malone has truly touched hw heart, spirit and minds of readers. Her poetry is real and deals with real life issues. The Stranger I Thought Was You is my favorite but I love them all!!! I can't wait to read more from her and I'm sure all of her othee work is great!!!"

~Indie Love

"Aside from the typos, I like most of these poems because I can relate to them. Some of these poems remind of some of the ones I've written. She has one heck of a story to tell, so she tells it. Some of it is very vivid, and paints a picture. I will be reading more soon."

~Saint Wicked

"I love this book. I especially like the poem entitled I've done all I can do how many of u have been in a relationship but still feel alone?"


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