Use Your Life To Tell A Story

Become an author by writing your story

As a writer, we can pull from so many different parts of ourselves to put into our stories and bring them to life.

I’ve heard writers such as Carl Weber and Tyler Perry talk about how their characters and storyline or based off of real people an events in their lives.

Your story can be no different. Take pieces or moments of your life and write multiple stories that can resonate with your audience.

The first thing you need to do is BRAINSTORM. This is my favorite part of the writing process next to OUTLINING.

Get somewhere quiet with very few distractions or none at all and begin free-flow your thoughts and ideas.

For me, I need something playing very softly in the background (music, television, or sounds). Then it flows.

I talk about this in my upcoming online course. TELL YOUR STORY in my ASPIRING AUTHOR WRITING COURSE.

Tell me in the comments. If you could use your life to tell a story, what would it be about?🤔


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