Effectively Market & Promote Your Book

How To Effectively Market and Promote Your Book

Marketing and promoting your book can begin as early as the moment you decide to write it. When that first idea comes to mind, you should begin some type of promoting whether via social media, word of mouth, your website, or blog.
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For many authors coming up with strategies of marketing and promoting are tough. The one thing you don’t want to do is wait until you have released your book to begin promoting it. By then it’s late in the promotion process.

There are many ways you can promote. You can promote by using Contest, Giveaways, Promotional Items, Word-of-Mouth, Blog, and many more.

When I published my first book. I had no idea about all the ways to promote your book. Now that I’ve learned a few tricks I want to share them with you guys.

The first thing you should understand is when marketing and promoting your book you should get to know your audience. If you don’t know who your targeted audience is you could be missing out on a lot of sales.


So many people will argue the point that my book is for everyone. Then when there is release can’t understand why everyone is not buying it. It is a wise decision to promote your book to your audience first and then spread abroad. It will grab people’s attention of course, but to attract the sales you must attract your books audience.

If you are a children’s book author, you would target the audience of parents, schools, libraries, children, and all readers who love children’s books. If you are historical writer you would want to target the audience of museums, cultural facilities and organizations, airports, and places that revolve around history. 

Now that you know who your target audience is we have to find out where they hangout. Where are these people most liable to be?

That’s right! In book publishing you must be able to go where the readers are. Not every person that’s a reader will read your book. Not every person that’s a reader will be fair with your project. That’s why your target audience is a must to just start you books career path.

If you are a children’s book author and your book is about fish, water, and sea creatures, you may want to look into cruise lines and see if you can get your books stocked there. If your book is about a travel site such as New York City or Atlanta then you may want to seek out airports. If your book is about sporting and hunting you want to seek out organizations or places that sell hunting equipment.

Put your book in front of your readers first then go after potential and new readers. Always remember, there are plenty of readers who are interested in your story, but find the ones who genuinely supports your project first.

Now that you have found your target audience and know where they hangout, the next step is presentation. You must present an attractive strategy to appease their appetite for reading your material.

This can consist of Press Kits, Media Kits, Press Releases, Sell Sheets, flyers, excerpts, review, gifts, contest, giveaways, events, interviews, and more. This presentation is what you will use to show who you are, why you write, and what you hope to gain. Check out my blog on How To Build A Professional Press Kit.

Every book should have its own Press Kit, which includes a media kit, press release to announce when it will be release, reviews, sell sheets for bookstores, flyers, bookmarks, excerpt previews, a gift related to the theme of the book(optional), interviews, and more. This will highlight the important means of the book and get new readers and vendors excited.

Most bookstores will ask for this information to review along with a physical copy of the book. This presentation lets them know how hard you’re willing to work to make sure this book sells, if they choose to stock your title.


Now that all the marketing strategies are out of the way and you have geared this book off to a great start, it’s time to start promoting to the general public. What do I mean, you might ask. Well, all the above information should be done before the book is ever released. If this is done, by the time you book releases then you’ll a great start on sells and credibility.

Now we focus on the promotion of the book. The flyers, posters, bookmarks, and all the other marketing strategies you created.

When it comes to promoting you must find ways to be creative and think outside of social media. There are book signings, website, community gatherings, and more. My favorite two things to explore is Emailing List building and Speaking Engagement/Meet & Greet events. These types of strategies puts you in front of the readers who are more likely to buy your book, because they chose to be there.

Create a website and buy your domain name. This will be your home to promote how you like. Purchase an emailing address for your domain name and use a mailing server to send out emails. Automatic Responder Emails are best to start and then customize them as you go or new things arrive. You can use service providers like MPZMail or MailChimp which are free.

 Another thing to play with is contest. You can run contest on sites such as GoodReads, Amazon, and Rafflecopter. I like these sites because they pick the winner for you. Rafflecopter is my favorite, because you can require the participate to do something such as Like you Facebook Fan Page or Tweet a message before they can enter your contest, which helps you in the long run with more exposure. With Rafflecopter you can also pick a winner(s) from general Facebook Fan Page Post.

Word-Of-Mouth is also a great way of promoting yourself. Tell everybody to tell somebody else.

Speaking Engagement/Meet & Greets are a great way to sell a lot of books and gain new followers, because you’re able to speak directly to the reader’s verses a book signing and trying to pull them in from a table. When you’re invited to speak or host a speaking engagement be sure if they are selling tickets you include the book price or a discounted book price in the ticket sales. That way you’ll get paid per book per attendee, and everyone who attends will receive a book. All you have to do now is present you speech, answer questions, and sign books.

Don’t forget to use blogging, radio pod-casting, live streams, and interviews to promote yourself. More information on this will be in my upcoming book.

I have provided quite a bit of information, and I hope I was helpful. If there is anything you feel I missed or are needing more clarification please use the comment section below to leave your comment, and I will respond. Thank you for your time.



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