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OMG, you guys! Did you see the photo Cardi B posted about her hair journey?

Well, if you haven't seen it yet, let me be the first to tell you ... so she posted a picture of her hair from 2019 where her hair didn’t look as healthy and then a recent picture from this year, 2021, and discussed how since she has been sticking to her hair routine her hair has gotten super healthy and long.

This is so true about having a routine because a routine can help you find problem areas with your hair and help you learn to your hair. When I saw the IG Story, I was excited because it just re-confirmed to me that anyone can grow or maintain healthy hair if they stick to a regimen or a routine.

This is why I added a hair regimen and analysis guide in my journal, the My Hair Journal, to bring to light the importance of a hair routine. It's important because you began to see how strong and healthy your hair can be.

What do you think about Cardi B post and being excited to see how sticking to a routine can help with strengthening and growing your hair? Let's discuss it in the comments.

And check out my book, My Hair Journal to take a deeper dive into building a regimen with weekly goals, a shopping list, length check chart, and monthly recaps.

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