Amazon Deleting Author Reviews

It’s not a secret that Amazon will go on a deleting spree, and delete reviews. What’s more alarming is they are deleting reviews made by authors. That’s right! I know because it happened to me in 2014.

If you are an author and you leave a review for another author’s book, Amazon has the right, can, and will delete your review. What are our options to avoid being victims?

Amazon has been known to constantly change their minds often about their policies when it comes to publishing on their platform.

According to Amazon, authors are in competition; therefore, reviewing of each other’s books on their platform isn’t allowed. It’s something that is bitter sweet. This tactic is put in place to protect authors from receiving negative reviews from their competitors to detour readers from their competitor’s work.

 Over the years Amazon has gotten very strict with their review policy going as far as suing authors and publishing companies who have violated their policy.

How can we avoid this practice?

  1. Editorial Reviews. If you are an author and want to leave a review for another author, offer your review as editorial. These reviews are posted under the Editorial Review section of Amazon.

  2. Review on Another Platform. Instead of leaving your reviews solely on Amazon, also leave it on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Nook, or iTunes.

  3. Blog Your Review. Use your review to draw traction to your website by blogging your review. You may even offer to interview the author on your website.

Some people say that authors with KDP accounts are the ones who are having their reviews deleted. But whatever the reason or however they make their decision we can continue to find ways to make our reviews count.

If you take a look at your favorite authors, they don’t leave reviews under Amazon. They leave Editorial Reviews. It’s not a bad thing to be looked at as competitors. How many times have you heard people say, “Study your competition.” This is a good tactic to do when trying to figure out what works in the market you’re trying to enter.

Remember, try leaving Editorial Reviews for authors, review on more than one platform, and blog about your review on your website.

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