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A Walk In My Shoes

Take a trip down memory lame

This poetic muse is a re-release of "A Walk In My Shoes Step In Mine" poetry book.

A Walk In My Shoes is the re-release of the poetic muse, A New Pair of Shoes Step In Mine (2008). With this re-release, LaQueisha Malone has added 50+ poems and intermission breaks. She explains the events surrounding the poems.

Writing most of the poetry in her teenage years, LaQueisha expresses the situations she felt passionate about. From love to heartache, friends to enemies, hopes to fears, and divorced parents to spiritual acceptance she invites her readers into her most sacred space... her HEART!

Poems included are: Can't Play the Fool, Where Were You, Fool In Love, Could It Be, and many more.


What People Are Saying...

Brandie Freeman

"You have a very unique way of putting your life experiences in a poem, I love your book of poetry..."

Kirby Brandon

"Great book so far...Love how u take personal experience and put it in a book. Can't wait till new work arrivals... One of my favorite authors!!!!"

You will love this book, if you love...​

  • Reading thought provoking poems.

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