A Mother's Day Nightmare


Shar-Shey Publishing Company

A Mother's Day Nightmare is an anthology published under Shar-Shey Publishing Company out of Newark, NJ. It features various authors from all across the United States. LaQueisha Malone's contribution to this anthology is a short story she titled "SNATCHED".

LaQueisha's SYNOPSIS:
Jalissa and Robert had their world's turned upside down when their son, Robert, Jr, was kidnapped from the hospital six hours after his birth. The sixteen-year-old couple was unable to handle the crisis and eventually split.

Eighteen years later, and everyone except Jalissa has lost hope that Robert, Jr would be found. That is, until a trip to McDonald's, and a young familiar face appears. This sends Jalissa and her friend, Angela on a crazy ride to determine if the young man is in fact, the son Jalissa had been waiting for.

Will it prove to be her son, or will this get more complicated than she bargained for?

Read an excerpt HERE!



"...I could feel every emotion..."

~Leslie Ford, Reader

"...I was drawn into this story...In my own way I can relate to (Jalissa's) grief..."

~L. Smith, Reader

"...I was engaged from the start."

~Monique Turner, Reader

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